Fighting Food Waste In February | #FoodSavvy [Ad]

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This post is an advertorial for environmental charity Hubbub.

During February, myself and a few other bloggers from Norfolk and Suffolk are going to be taking part in the #FoodSavvy challenge, hosted by environmental charity Hubbub and in partnership with Norfolk and Suffolk County Councils.

Any long-term readers of mine might be familiar with the #FoodSavvy challenge already, as I took part in a similar challenge last year. If you want to go back in time and find out what I got up to last year, then head over to my previous posts. I also had the pleasure of being interviewed by Radio Norfolk back about the challenge and how it went last year, which you can still listen to it here if you fancy (the interview starts at 09:35). 

The main idea behind the challenge is to increase public awareness around food waste and the environmental impact that it has. This year, there is also an emphasis on reducing single-use plastics from our everyday lives, something that has become a hot topic lately! Not only are both of these things damaging our planet, but they’re also having a negative impact on our finances too. Did you know that Norfolk and Suffolk households are throwing out 113,000 tonnes of food each year!? That equates to about £810 worth of food per household which goes straight into the bin. 

The challenge will be a bit easier for me this year, since I’ve managed to drastically reduce my food waste over the past year after participating in the challenge previously. I’ve kept on using some of the products that were gifted to me from the previous campaign, which has really helped me reduce my waste. The Produce ProKeeper  was one of my favourites from last year, that takes pride of place in my fridge each week now for storing berries. 

There have also been a few life changes that have happened since doing the challenge last year. I am now vegetarian, and at the end of March it will mark my one-year anniversary of giving up meat. I won’t go into the reasons behind adopting a vegetarian diet in this blog post, but do keep posted if you want to find out a bit more about my journey over the past (nearly) year. As my food wastage is pretty low, my main challenge will be cutting down on my single-use plastics with the aim of reducing this by at least 20% in the final week of the challenge. 

During the first week, I’ll be measuring the amount of single-use plastic I throw away and how much food (if any!) I throw out too. Then, during the rest of the challenge I’ll be trialling different products and methods to reduce my waste (both food and plastic!).

Do yo have any tips to help me reduce my plastic use?

Here is a list of the other bloggers taking part in the challenge. Head over to their posts to see how they are getting on:

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