Screaming won't help! | PrimEVIL Review 2019

                                                                    *Ad- I received complementary tickets to attend PrimEVIL for an honest review.

As Halloween approaches, what better way to spend an evening than being scared to the core by cannibal clowns, chased by hillbillies, and stalked by zombies. On Saturday night, I was invited to attend PrimEVIL, which is the ultimate scare experience held at Roarr! Dinosaur Adventure in Lenwade, Norfolk. Every year for the past 10 years, the iconic Roarr! Dinosaur Adventure has been transformed into a frightful Halloween event with 5 different attractions. PrimEVIL* runs from the 11th October to the 3rd November, and tickets can be purchased online in advance.

Alongside the 5 attractions, there are heaps of other entertainment including a live band and street actors, who are guaranteed to put a chill in your step. We started off our evening by tucking into the delicious street food that was on offer. Being vegetarians, we had a mushroom and halloumi burger from The Station Smokehouse followed by beer from Redwell brewery. The first attraction we visited was ‘The Crypt’, which was definitely not for the faint hearted! Although the queue was very long, which is probably because this is the first attraction you come to, the attraction itself was worth the wait. The actors were fantastic and there was a different spook round every corner. There were a few tight gaps to squeeze through though, so I wouldn’t recommend this one if you suffer from claustrophobia!

We arrived at the ‘Arachnophobia’ attraction next, which had had a spruce up since the previous year when we visited. The storyline was similar to last year, however we were all given a silent disco headset to wear whilst walking around the attraction, which played rave music as we went. This attraction seemed to be over very quickly, but we left feeling filled with adrenaline none the less My favourite attraction last year was the ‘Circus of Terror’, and this year it didn’t disappoint either. Clowns are seriously creepy in general, but the cannibal clowns in this attraction are next level. At one point, I didn’t think we were going to escape after being led down to a dead end by one of the clowns. This attraction had some really cool special effects, although I did miss the spinning floor from last year where you had to try and get out of the room whilst the floor was spinning.

The ‘Forest of Fear’ is exactly what it sounds like. You literally have to run away from the terrors lurking in the forest. This was the attraction that creeped me out the most, and there’s nothing more terrifying than being chased by a man with a chainsaw. Again, the adrenaline was soaring. Finally, was the ‘Mayhem Manor Hotel’, which had endless corridors and rooms filled with inhabitants of the past.

Overall, I did enjoy my time visiting PrimEVIL, however the queues for each attraction were very long, which did take the shine away from the evening slightly. On the plus side, there were definitely enough street actors to keep us entertained whilst in the queues. PrimEVIL is perfect for groups as many of the attractions require 8-10 people to go in together. As there were only 2 of us, it did mean we were bunched in with a lot of strangers, which isn’t as enjoyable. I would also recommend booking one of the ‘Extreme’ nights for 18+ year olds, which are being held on selective nights (1st, 2nd and 3rd November) if you don’t want to be surrounded by large groups of children and teenagers.

I’m certainly in the mood for Halloween now, and I’d like to thank the PrimEVIL team for inviting me to review the attractions this year, I had a blast!

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