That's a wrap! | #FoodSavvy

This post is an ad for Environmental Charity Hubbub as a part of their Food Savvy campaign.

It's been 4 weeks since the start of the #FoodSavvy challenge and it's time to reflect on my food waste journey. If you read my previous post, you'll know how much I struggled during the second week of the challenge. The amount of food I wasted for the week totalled 1.8kg, which was shocking. For the past 2 weeks, i've really tried to be more conscious of my food choices and be more aware of what I was wasting in order to try and minimise it for the final week of the challenge. Want to know how I got on? Drum roll please...

Fighting My Food Waste | #FoodSavvy

This post is an ad for Environmental Charity Hubbub as a part of their Food Savvy campaign.

If you've been following my #FoodSavvy journey on Twitter, or are taking part yourself, then you'll already know that week 2 has come to an end! To check back on why i'm taking part in the challenge just head over to my previous post. During week 1, I measured and noted down my avoidable food waste. This didn't include things like vegetable peelings or tea bags (phew! I drink a lot of tea), but it did include any food that I had prepared and couldn't finish or that had simply ran out of date or was past its best before. Here's how my first week pan out...


So far so good. Breakfast, lunch and dinner all consumed entirely and no food waste. Yay! 


Oh dear.. I had vowed that I was going to stay away from takeaways, in an effort to save money and also, because I knew this could be disastrous to my food waste weight figure at the end of the week if we ordered too much.. alas the order came and there were one too many chicken balls to handle and unfortunately, quite a lot of the food was binned. I'm usually quite good at saving food for the next day, but I always think reheating takeaway food is a bit risky and I prefer to avoid it (but that's just personal choice). One thing I did realise from ordering a Chinese, is how much of a waste it really was. We didn't really enjoy it, and as I poured the remainder into a bowl on my food scales I was shocked to see nearly 800g of food go straight into the bin. This was a crazy figure, and not only a colossal amount of food to waste from one sitting but a huge waste of money too. However, you'll all be pleased to know that as I write this I have managed to avoid takeaways for the past 2 weeks. Wahoo! 

Getting #FoodSavvy in February

This post is an ad, kindly sponsored by environmental charity Hubbub, Norfolk County Council and Suffolk County Council as part of their #FoodSavvy campaign to reduce food waste in Norfolk and Suffolk. 

This year I have made a conscious decision to be more aware of my environmental impact by trying to do as much as I can to use sustainable products and reduce my waste. I have always been an avid recycler, but I've never put much thought into food waste, which needs to change. That's why I was very happy to get on board with the #FoodSavvy campaign, which is a 2-year food waste strategy by Hubbub, Norfolk County Council and Suffolk County Council, to reduce food waste in Norfolk and Suffolk households. I was shocked to learn that 113,000 tonnes of food is wasted per year in Norfolk and Suffolk alone, and by being more mindful of your food waste habits you could save up to £810 a year! I know exactly what i'd do with that money... especially now that i've moved into a new house, which is in serious need of some TLC. 

Throughout February I'll be trying to reduce the amount of avoidable food I waste, which in my household is usually fruits and vegetables. I always have really good intentions when I start the week and think i'll be cooking really great, healthy meals.. and then midweek rolls round and the takeaway cravings become too much. During the first week of the challenge, i'll be measuring my wastage by weighing the amount of food that goes into my food waste caddy bin. The next week is when the challenge really begins and i'll be trialling some products from IKEA and Lakeland to try and combat my food waste. Armed with food huggers from Lakeland and tupperware from IKEA, I'm aiming to reduce my food waste by 20%, so make sure to check back in a few weeks to see how I get on. 

I'm also going to try and meal plan for the whole of February and reduce the amount of times I eat out and have takeaways. By doing this, I will save more money and also eat healthier, and then maybe at the end of the month I can treat myself to that wooden beaded chandelier I've been lusting over for months...

If you are based in Norfolk or Suffolk and would like to join me in the challenge to reduce food waste and save up to £70 a month, then head over to to get started! You can follow my journey on Twitter, Intagram and YouTube to find out how i'm getting on with the challenge. I'll be sharing my food hauls and meal plans, a log of the food I'm wasting and more blog posts about how to reduce food waste and save money throughout the month. 

I'm so excited to get started! Are you thinking about joining the #FoodSavvy challenge?