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Turtle Bay opened in Norwich a few years ago and I was lucky enough to be invited to the preview dinner. Since then, i've enjoyed many 'happy hours' at Turtle Bay and most recently I was invited back to try out their new menu!

The new menu features small plates which are perfect for sharing, mouth watering burgers, one-pot curries and it also has many vegan, gluten free and paleo options too! Heck, they've even added some low alcohol drinks to their never ending cocktail menu, so they really have catered for everyone in this new menu. 

The menu is so easy to navigate because it tells you exactly which dishes are new and also highlights the dietary options too. To start, I opted for the panko breadcrumbed Okra served with mango and a jerk mayonnaise, which were delicious! I've only ever had Okra in an indian restaurant before so it was really interesting to try it with different flavours. As a perk of the job, my boyfriend accompanied me and as he's a seafood lover he went for the crispy squid, which he said were very good. The portion sizes were generous, but we still managed to eat them all up! 

Next up was the mains, and as the burgers were new I definitely wanted to try one. I decided to go for the Hot Chick'in burger, which was a crispy breaded chicken breast fillet served with grilled pineapple, jerk mayonnaise, salad and hot sauce.. and let me tell you, it was spicy but so tasty! The jerk fries accompanied the dish perfectly but you could have had any of the sides they offer, like Onion Rings or even Caribbean Hummus. If you are more adventurous than I am you could have tried their new goat burger or for the vegetarians among us there is a halloumi burger too. The Jerk Pit BBQ has also had a makeover with new dishes such as Baby Back Ribs, Jerk Chicken and Pork Belly.  My boyfriend went for the Baby Back Ribs and by the state of him afterwards, he must have enjoyed them! These were served with sweet potato fries which I pinched, obviously. We also shared some crumbed halloumi, because halloumi is life. Finally, even though I was about to burst, I managed to squeeze in a dessert (totally pretending I don't have a second stomach for puddings, when I definitely do...)

Dessert was difficult to choose because there were so many I could have eaten! I would usually opt for something chocolaty, like the Salted Caramel Brownie *drool* or the Spiced Rum & Chocolate Pot, but I actually decided to go for the Rum and Raisin Bread Pudding and i'm so glad I did! My dessert was so flavoursome and luckily, my boyfriend went for the Salted Caramel Brownie, so I didn't entirely miss out on my chocolate fix!

Turtle Bay is famous for it's cocktails and for their very generous 'happy hour' where cocktails are two for one! I tried two during my meal; One Love and a Marley Mojito. One Love was AMAZING but I think i'll stick to a regular mojito next time as the Marley Mojito was a bit too 'watermelon-ey' for my plain old tastebuds. 

The new menu makes heading out to dinner with friends so easy and fun! You can try so many different dishes, and because the small sharing plates are all on offer if you buy more than two, it doesn't break the bank either! Turtle Bay is definitely a birthday dinner venue and the atmosphere inside the restaurant was buzzing. 

Turtle Bay also offer a loyalty scheme for customers who use their new app and you can also reserve cocktail tables if you just wanted to try their yummy cocktails. 

Thank you Turtle Bay for letting me try out the new menu, I can't wait to return! 

Have you been to Turtle Bay recently?


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