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The temperature has seriously plummeted in the UK recently and the drop in temperature has really taken its toll on my skin. My hands have suddenly become very dry and flaky, which is mainly due to the cold weather. When Neal and Wolf kindly offered to send my something from their new Elysian collection I specifically opted for something to help my hands, so the new revive Hand and Body Lotion* seemed like the perfect option.

Enriched with shea butter and red algae, this non-greasy hand cream really does sink straight into the skin leaving it feeling baby soft and smelling divine! The hand cream also contains borage oil, which is often used in herbal medicine to soothe eczema and other skin problems, so its no surprise that its made such a difference to my hands. If you've read any of my other posts about Neal and Wolf products (click here), then you'll know how much I love the iconic smell and this product is no exception. It smells just like the Ritual Daily Cleansing Shampoo and Conditioner, which is my absolute favourite duo and fyi, you can now get the shampoo and conditioner in giant 900ml bottles, which will definitely be going on my Christmas list!  The Elysian collection encapsulates the relaxation and sanctuary feeling of a Spa but in the comfort of your own home. The collection features products such as a scented candle, reed diffuser and hair and body fragrance, along with the revive hand wash and hand and body lotion. All of the products are packaged beautifully in Neal and Wolfs signature purple and white, which makes the products look very luxurious!   Neal and Wolf have published some really useful relaxation guides on their blog, which feature some of the products from the Elysian collection. Below is one of their reflexology guides which details how to give yourself a calming hand and arm massage to relive those stressful days.

Step 1: Cleanse hands using the Elysian Revive Hand Wash

Step 2: Dry thoroughly and apply Elysian Revive hand and body lotion

Step 3: Loosen your hands by stretching and flexing them and then wriggle your fingers whilst making a tight fist 

Step 4: Pinch the tips of each finger and thumb by applying moderate pressure 

Step 5: Massage the palms on your hands using your thumbs working from the inside out

Step 6: Work your way our forearm continuing to massage using your thumbs 

Step 7: Using a pinching motion, make your way up each finger, making sure to include the sides of your fingers too

Step 8: Massage the muscle between your thumb and index finger using circular and pinching movements

Step 9: Breathe deeply allowing the scent of Revive hand and body lotion to soothe and relax you 

Step 10: Shake it off! Give your hands a good shake and let the tension leave your body  xo 

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