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I've seen OK Bouquet* floating around on social media for quite a while and i've always admired their beautiful flower arrangements, so when they offered to send me a bouquet of very my own I was delighted! OK Bouquet is run by Rosario Rospo, who originally began selling flowers at the Columbia Road Flower Market. Rosario noticed a gap in the online market for big, fresh flowers at an affordable price and so, thats when OK Bouquet was created. Each bouquet boasts stems of 70cm in length (the longer the stem, the better the quality!) so you know you're getting high quality flowers which are custom made to order, so each bouquet is unique!

There was a huge selection of bouquets to choose from on the website, but I opted for the Sylvie bouquet as I was drawn to the 'wild' looking flowers used in the arrangement and the pink/purple colours. This bouquet is available in two sizes; either large or deluxe and retails for £30 or £40. I loved the seasonal flowers and foliage used, and some of the flowers that made up the arrangement were Ajonka Blooms, Pink Avalanche Roses, Agapanthus, Bouvardia and Parviola. OK Bouquet offers next day delivery across mainland UK, so my flowers arrived very quickly and easily! I decided to get the bouquet delivered to a local shop so that I could pick them up on my way home from work. The flowers were delivered in a huge cardboard box, which I actually found quite difficult to get in my little car!

As soon as I got home I opened the box and was surprised to find that the flowers were so tall! It took quite a lot of trimming the stems in order to get them to fit into my vase, but I got there in the end. There was lots of foliage in the bouquet- slightly too much for the vase I was using so quite a lot of this wasn't used unfortunately. Care instructions are included in the box so I made sure I read these thoroughly to get the most out of my bouquet. The care instructions say to change the water every 2 days, which is what I did, however, the first lot of water had the flower food in, which I disposed of after 2 days. This may be one of the main reasons why my flowers only lasted a couple of days before starting to die. I was quite disappointed with the longevity of the flowers, considering the price they would usually retail at, however, I don't think that this is due to the quality of the flowers I received but more likely to do with the size of the vase I used and/or that fact that the room the flowers were stored in was very hot (eventhough I kept them out of direct sunlight!). Lots of other bloggers have said that their flowers lasted 2 weeks or more, so I wouldn't let my experience put you off.

The bouquet really was 'big' and it was the most beautiful bouquet of flowers i've ever received so a huge thankyou needs to go to the team at OK Bouquet for sending me these gorgeous flowers! I'd be delighted if I was gifted these for a Birthday or Anniversary present in the future (hint hint, Ruben!). There is such a wide selection of bouquets on the website suitable for any special occasion, so there will definitely be something suitable for your loved ones.

Have you ever received an OK Bouquet?



  1. I love wild looking flowers too! These flowers look so pretty <3


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