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Since Discovering Neäl & Wolf in a Love Me Beauty box a couple of months ago I've completely fell in love with the brand and avidly use their products daily! A few weeks ago I was contacted by Neäl & Wolf asking if i'd like to receive some more of their products to recreate one of their Summer 'Get the Looks' just like I did with their Sleek Drop Winter 'Get the Look' a few months ago (click here).
Of course I said yes as I wanted to try some new products that I hadn't used before, so I opted to recreate 'The Wedding' style. There are some other really great hairstyle to try like the 'The Festival', 'The Beach' and 'The Races', and if i'm feeling brave one day I definitely want to give the other styles a go.

The Products Used:

Neäl & Wolf Daily Cleansing Shampoo*// £11.50

A deeply cleansing, sulphate free shampoo which leaves the hair feeling super clean and fresh. I really struggle with an itchy, flaky scalp but since using an SLS- free shampoo i've seen a drastic difference in the condition of my scalp! Sodium lauryl sulphate is often used in shampoos as a foaming agent which causes irritation, so if you suffer with the same issues as me then i'd definitely recommend switching to sulphate free products. All Neäl & Wolf products smell incredible and this shampoo is no exception.

Neäl & Wolf Daily Cleansing Conditioner*// £12.50

A detangling conditioner infused with a silk protein complex which moisturises the hair. Shea butter extract adds shine, whilst added sunscreen protects the hair from environmental damage. My hair feels a lot smoother and more moisturised when using this conditioner, so i'd definitely recommend trying out the Ritual hair products if your hair is lacking shine and hydration.

Neäl & Wolf Form Sculpting Lotion*// £12.50

When I first saw this product I had visions of it being a gel-like consistency, which leaves your hair feeling tight and crispy, but I  couldn't have been more wrong! The sculpting lotion is similar in texture to the smoothing blow-dry balm and provides a light to medium hold- perfect for keeping those curls intact all day long! This product is also formulated with added UV protection which protects the hair from damage.

Neäl & Wolf Guard Heat Protection Spray*// £11.50

I've been using this heat protection spray for quite a few months now and since using it, I don't think i'll ever use anything else again! The smell itself is a reason to buy it, as all Neal and Wolf products have the same salon-like smell which lingers in your hair all day long. This heat protection spray contains a silk protein complex which retains moisture and protects the hair up to 220 degrees (which is the temperature my GHD straighteners go up to). This product also reduces moisture loss when styling due to a film-forming polymer complex which guards the cuticles and keeps the hair looking vibrantly glossy as it containing meadowfoam seed oil.

Neäl & Wolf Fix Hold and Shine Spray*// £12.50

This hold and shine spray can be spritzed onto finished styles to provide maximum hold. Unlike other finishing sprays i've tried, this one can be easily brushed out afterwards and isn't visible in the hair.

Neäl & Wolf Control Flexible Styling Hairspray*// £9.50

I quite often use this hairspray on an every day basis to tame any fly away hairs, especially if I'm wearing my hair up. I probably wouldn't use this hairspray if I wanted to keep an intricate hair style intact all day/night long, as it provides a very light hold. The smell, once again, is lovely and lingers in your hair all day long, so sometimes I like use it like a hair perfume and spray it if I feel like my hair needs a bit of a pick me up. The hold is very light and is easily brushed out without leaving any kind of residue.

How to 'Get the Look':

Check out my Youtube video (above) to see how I used these products to get the Wedding hairstyle, or read the step by step guide below.

1) Wash your hair with the Ritual cleansing daily shampoo and conditioner, before applying Form sculpting lotion and blow drying the hair.

2) Spritz the hair with the Guard heat protection spray before using straighteners to curl sections of the hair and then fix the style in place by using the Fix hold and shine spray.

3) Run a comb through the lengths of the hair to loosen any tight curls. I personally used a Tangle Teezer when I tried this hairstyle out but I think it brushed out the curls too much! Curling parts of your hair around your fingers will reconstruct some of the curls.

4) Back comb sections of the hair above your ear to provide texture, and use the Control hairspray to finish off the style.

Optional: If you love hair accessories, then try adding a floral hair slide to one side of you hair to create an ultra feminine look.

What do you think of this hairstyle?


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