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When I heard that Benefit were releasing new Hoola products I couldn't believe my ears. The Hoola bronzer is my all time favourite, so I couldn't wait to try the other products in the range. After seeing the marketing campaign for the Hoola Zero Tanlines all over body bronzer I definitely knew I wanted to try it, and for £19.50 I didn't think it was too badly priced either! First of all, the packaging is gorgeous, even if it did take me far too long to realise that the cap is supposed to be a Hoola skirt! Genius.

Inside the cap is a sponge applicator which you are supposed to use to buff the product into your skin in circular motions. The sponge actually applies the product really well, and leaves a streak-free finish, however I can't help but feel like the applicator is soaking up a lot of the product. I found that I had to use a lot of product to cover a small area, and even then I didn't think the colour pay off was that great. It also took quite a long time to cover my legs and arms, so its definitely not something you can apply if you're short of time! I personally think the product applies quite sheer which is completely different to how it looks in the tube. When I first used this product I had fake tanned the night before, so even though it didn't really give me much more colour, it definitely gave my skin a lovely glow. When using this product without fake tanning the night before it still didn't have much of a colour pay off, which really disappointed me.

The product claims to be transfer resistant for 12 hours and I actually agree with them on that one! I applied the product before a night out and I didn't have any awkward streaky leg fiascos caused by spilt drinks! There was also no transferring of the product onto my pjs nor bed sheets which was definitely a plus.The smell, however,  is slightly off putting and I still think it has that awful fake-tan biscuit smell, even though Benefit claims its Hoola-la! scented.. whatever that is!

Overall, I'm on the fence about this product. The packaging is lovely, but I just don't think what's inside lives up to my expectations. I know its only supposed to be a body bronzer and not a fake tan but there was hardly any 'bronzing' happening because the colour was so light. On the website it says the colour is buildable, but I just think it would take far too long to build up the colour i'd like, especially with how small the applicator is. The bottle is only 147ml, so you can probably only get a handful of full body applications out of it before it runs out!

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