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Hello gorgeous lush

Hello gorgeous lush gift set

rub rub rub shower scrub lush

I've always loved Lush products, so I was delighted when I received this gorgeous gift set for my Birthday last week! The gift set is aptly named Hello Gorgeous and retails for £23.50. First of all, the packaging is beautiful and I'll definitely be reusing the box once i've used up all of the products inside! There's a great diversity of products inside the box, which I really love! It's not all bath bombs which really appeals to me as I very rarely indulge in a bath (although I do need to pamper myself more!) Also, it means I can try a variety of products from Lush that I might not have tried before and there's actually only one product in this box which I have tried before which is the Rub Rub Rub Shower Scrub.

As soon as you open the box the smell of The Comforter hits you with its lovely sweet, blackcurrant fragrance. The Comforter is a bubble bar infused with bergamot oil, cypress oil and cassis (blackcurrant) absolute, which provides an uplifting aroma to any bath! I really like bubble bars as you can use them multiple times because you just break a bit of the bubble bar off and crumble it into the bath under running water. There's nothing more soul destroying than dropping an entire bath bomb into the bath, which cost you £4.95! I haven't actually tried this bubble bar before, which may surprise many of you as its a cult favourite, so i'm looking forward to using this soon.

Next up, is the Sex Bomb bath bomb, containing jasmine absolute, clary sage oil and ylang ylang oil. The clary sage oil us an essential oil often used in aromatherapy due to its calming properties, so I might save this one for when i'm feeling particularly stressed! According to the Lush website it also has aphrodisiac qualities, hence the name... but I guess we'll see about that one haha

The Love and Light hand cream is one of the most moisturising hand creams i've used and it also smells gorgeous too! It contains fair-trade organic cocoa butter which soothes dry hands and also, jojoba oil which is naturally moisturising. The product is scented with neroli oil, which is one of my most favourite scents, and also contains Brazilian orange oil. I'm the designated washer-uper in my house, so this product couldn't have come at a better time! I long for the days when we can get a dishwasher.. 

Rub Rub Rub Shower Scrub, as previously mentioned, is something that I have tried before so I know I really enjoy using it! It has quite a fresh scent, probably from the lemon juice and orange flower absolute. This scrub is packed full of mineral-rich sea salt, which is what makes it such a great exfoliating scrub! Using it on dry skin can be quite abrasive, so I normally use it on wet skin so that it's more gentle. This is also a multi-use product as it can be used to wash and add volume and shine to hair due to the lemon juice! I haven't tried using this scrub as a shampoo yet, but I can imagine it might be good to use as a clarifying shampoo if you've got a lot of product build up in your hair. 

The final product in the box is the Gorgeous facial moisturiser, which claims to leave your skin feeling like velvet! I'm willing to try anything that will help my dry, dehydrated skin so i'm looking forward to trying this out. Although the sample size of the pot is quite small, its just enough to get a couple of used out of so I can see whether I like it enough to splurge a whopping £42.50 on the full size (45g) product.  This product is made using fresh pineapple, which helps to refines pores due to the enzymes that is contains, lemon and orange juice which mattifies the skin and removes dead skin cells and orange blossom honey water which moisturises and soothes the skin. 

This is such a great gift box for any lushie out there! So i'd definitely recommend it if you're in need of any present ideas. This box is such great value of money and you really do get to try lots of different products out.

Have you tried any of these products before? 


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