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Hello gorgeous lush

Hello gorgeous lush gift set

rub rub rub shower scrub lush

I've always loved Lush products, so I was delighted when I received this gorgeous gift set for my Birthday last week! The gift set is aptly named Hello Gorgeous and retails for £23.50. First of all, the packaging is beautiful and I'll definitely be reusing the box once i've used up all of the products inside! There's a great diversity of products inside the box, which I really love! It's not all bath bombs which really appeals to me as I very rarely indulge in a bath (although I do need to pamper myself more!) Also, it means I can try a variety of products from Lush that I might not have tried before and there's actually only one product in this box which I have tried before which is the Rub Rub Rub Shower Scrub.