Flamingo Candles The Melt Crowd | February 2016

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The Melt Crowd February

I've been following Flamingo Candles for quite a while on social media and have always lusted over their candles and wax melts, so when my boyfriend asked me what I wanted for Valentines day I couldn't resist the urge to ask for a subscription to the Flamingo Candles 'The Melt Crowd' Box. The Melt Crowd is a monthly subscription box where you get 8 different scented wax melts delivered to your door by Flamingo Candles. The box costs just £10 per month, including delivery, which I think is really good value considering each wax melt usually retails for £2. Don't worry if you don't already own a wax burner because you get one free with your first box at no extra charge!

This months box was Valentines themed and there was a lovely array of pink and red packaged melts alongside these adorable heart shaped ones in the scent 'love bug'. 

Love bug smells very fruity and sweet and infuses mandarin with petitgrain, which is an essential oil extracted from bitter orange trees, followed by cinnamon. I would never have guessed the fragrance of this wax melt and I would't necessarily say I can smell the cinnamon (which is actually a plus because I hate cinnamon!). This is the only wax melt I've gotten round to burning and the scent really does fill the room and has a very powerful aroma. I must have burnt it for at least 15 hours now and its still going strong so I can definitely vouch for their lasting power! On the website, Flamingo Candles state that the melts burn for up to 30 hours!

The Rose Scent Melt is probably my favourite scent out of the whole box. Its floral, but not overpowering, and it just smells very delicate. Next up was the Pink Lemonade Scent Melt which smells very sweet but it also has a citrus undertone to it. The scent melt does smell like soda so i'm not surprised they called this one Pink Lemonade!

Cocktails are my favourite things to drink, so I was delighted to see a Kir Royale Cocktail Scent Melt in the box. This one smells like strawberries and its delicious! The Bamboo and White Grapefruit Scent Melt is a very clean fragrance. I find grapefruit a very uplifting scent so I'm looking forward to burning this one.

Steering away from the lovely pink, red and white packaging was the Cherry Slush melt in vibrant green tissue paper. Cherry Slush is from the Circus range and smells exactly like sour cherries to me! There are lots of other scents in the Circus range like popcorn, doughnuts and candy floss.

The scent melt in the black tissue paper is Acai Berry. I have never tried anything scented with Acai Berry before, but I have eaten them because they're a superfood and they're really good for you! This melt smells like blackcurrants and reminds me of Ribena!

The final scent in this months box was the Espresso Scent Melt and it was my least favourite. I love coffee- I literally drink gallons of the stuff each day, but the scent of this melt was so overpowering that all of the other melts started to smell of coffee. The scent isn't a traditional freshly ground coffee scent either, its more of a sweet coffee cake kinda smell- like what a coffee scented gel pen would smell like!

As this was my first box I was sent a free wax burner, I don't think the burners are produced by Flamingo Candles themselves, but I would have loved to have received a wax burner with Florrie the Flamingo logo on it and one which was more 'fun' like the brand are! The wax burner I received had a brown top to it, which wouldn't be my personal choice, but who can complain! It was free!! I've seen other people get sent wax burners with different coloured tops, like pastel blue, so I guess its just the luck of the draw.

I was so impressed with this box and can't wait to start burning all of the melts!

Did you receive The Melt Crowd February Box?



  1. I keep seeing these in blogs and I want to try them so bad! And it's great you got a wax burner for free! Even if it wasn't specifically designed for the candles, it still looks cute! And like you said, it was free so oh well!

    Be | lovefrombe

    1. They are really good and burn really well so i'd definitely give them a go! Yes exactly! Its such good value getting the wax burner as well as 8 wax melts for £10 and thats including the potage so its a real bargain! x

  2. This is a brilliant idea for a subscription box. I've never tried wax melts before but I always hear good things from them. The fact you get a free burner is always a bonus too (sorry to hear you didn't get the best colour though) x

    Christina Marie - xtinagsays.blogspot.co.uk

    1. I actually prefer melts to candles because you get to try a lot more variety of scents than if you just bought one large candle! The colour thing is probably me just being picky haha x

  3. I've been seeing these all over the place and they look, so cute! I love how they're all different colours! x


    1. Yes the packaging is lovely! The melts are coloured as well so they look so pretty when burning :) x

  4. Nice Blog post! I didn't know they did subscription boxes, what a fantastic idea. I love the look of these candles, they look so nice. Never tried them myself, will have to try some at some point. I love how they are presented in the wrapping and the design is cute too.
    Lisa XoX

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