Neäl & Wølf Get The Look | Sleek Drop

I first heard about the brand Neäl & Wølf when I received a product in a Love Me Beauty Box and i've been obsessed ever since! I've now tried quite a few products from the brand and have already reviewed some on here previously. 

Lush | Christmas Goodies

I got a few things for Christmas from Lush (see my What I Got For Christmas Post here ) so I thought I'd do a separate post detailing all of the Christmas products i've accumulated.. this is probably a pointless post because you can't actually get any of the products anymore.., but hey ho! I'm gonna do it anyway!?

What I Got For Christmas | 2015

If you're nosey like me then you've probably already read lots of these types of posts already or watched a lot of videos, so I thought I'd put together my own post to show some of the amazing gifts I received this Christmas! I feel the need to state the usual disclaimer that goes along with these types of posts so I'm not trying to 'brag', I just enjoy reading these posts! Lets get started...

#BloggersSecretSanta Present

I've always love the concept of a Secret Santa, so of course I wanted to join in with the Bloggers Secret Santa organised by Hannah, especially as it included some of the lovely bloggers I met earlier in the year at the Suffolk Blogger Meet. The budget was £15 including postage and I was chuffed with what I bought for my blogger but I was not expecting the delightful goodies that graced my doormat. The wrapping was so creative and my blogger included a lovely card in the box.