Destination Norwich

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I received Destination Norwich* last week and I've been itching to play it since then! On Sunday, me and my family were finally all together so I thought it was the perfect time to play the game. The game can be played with up to 6 people, and with there only being 5 of us, we had a spare taxi. 
At first, it took quite a long time to set the game up... there are multiple packs of cards to use during the game and money so everything had to be unwrapped and sorted before we began. 

How to play...

The aim of the game is to be the player with the most money at the end of the game after all of the destinations have been completed. 

To start with each player is given a taxi, log book, driving licence, 3 x destination cards, 3 x fuel cards and some money. All of the taxis start off in the taxi rank and then each player takes it in turns to roll the dice to see who starts. Each player must make it to each of their destinations in order to pick up the fare and along the way there are traffic light symbols which require you to pick up a traffic light card.

The traffic light cards can be 'nasty or nice' and you could be required to pay a £30 fine and get 3 points on your license for speeding or get an extra fuel card for example. Each time you reach a destination you can pick up the fare stated on the card, but you must also hand over one of your fuel cards. You can only have 5 fuel cards at a time and you must purchase extra fuel cards for £5 at the garage on the board. If you reach a destination and have no fuel cards left you must purchase one from another player for an inflated rate of £50.

During the game, if you turn over all 4 parts of your driving license to reveal 12 points then you lose you license and cannot continue with the game unless you pay £200 to have your license reinstated. The log book can be used as a loan against the vehicle but it must be repaid at the end of the game. The game ends once all of the destination cards have been picked up and the player with the most money wins. 

Onto the Review..

I actually really enjoyed playing this game once we got started. The only trouble is that it was quite confusing, with all of the different cards. I do think some of the cards are quite unnecessary and you could still play the game without them, for example the fuel cards, but they are a nice idea and do make the game feel more 'real'.

I loved the fact that lots of Norwich landmarks were on the game, along with some small businesses. Some of the destinations include Jarrold, Norwich Castle Museum, Strangers Hall, Cinema City and Norwich Playhouse . It was fun trying to find your way around the board, however, it might have been better if the cards were colour coded so the destinations were easier to find, unless you know Norwich really, really well.

The game does go on for quite a long time but the more players you have the quicker it is. The illustrations on the board are beautiful and it would make for a really great present, especially if you live in Norwich, or knew someone who used to live in Norwich. This game would be great for all the family and would definitely be a good Christmas or New Years Day game.

The game is available to purchase from Jarrold in Norwich for £24 (click here). There are also 25+ other editions of the game so if you don't live in Norwich you might be able to find your own city, so definitely have a look on the Destination Games website

Do you think this sounds like a fun game?



  1. Oh this looks really fun, I love a good board game! It reminds me a tiny bit of monopoly.. well not loads but a bit. I had a cornwall version of monopoly and it was really cool see all the cornish places on that so I guess it is quite similar in that respect!

    Sarah xxx

    1. Yes it reminded me of Monopoly too when I first played it! especially with the traffic light cards, very similar to the community chest and chance cards! They might do a cornwall version of this game, definitely have a look :) xxx

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