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For those of you unfamiliar with the company, Prairie Charms create bespoke jewellery and accessories, which can all be purchased from their online shop (here). They've developed a Pizzazz box which has a different theme each time and contains a variety of different items, from jewellery to wax tarts. I was approached by the company asking if I wanted to be involved in designing items for the Christmas edition, along with a lot of other bloggers. I thought it was a fab idea and of course said I'd love to be involved. I received the Enchanted edition a few weeks ago and was amazed at how pretty everything looked. However, on reflection I was slightly disappointed in the quality of some of the pieces...

 The Sweet Hostess 'Sugar Swizzle Stick'  

This is a crystallised sugar swizzle stick which can be dunked into hot chocolates and other drinks to add flavour and sweetness. I haven't used this yet, but I do love a good hot chocolate so I will be using this.

Seraphina Velvet Knot Wrap 

At first I loved this item, the colour was perfect for me (charcoal grey) and the fabric was a lovely crashed velvet, and it looked slightly like a turban headband (just a smaller version) however, when I went to use this it was so loose and didn't fit my head properly. I can easily fix it with a few stitches but I was slightly disappointed, considering this was one of my favourite items in the box.

Luna Leatherette Hair Bow

This was a lovely faux leather bow in a pearlescent white colour on a clip. I did think this item was very, very pretty, however its just not me and i'm unlikely to wear this.

Hazel Custom Knot Tie Pack

 I always use knot ties to tie my hair up because they don't leave kinks in my hair as badly as regular hairbands. I've loved wearing these and the designs are so pretty and cute. They are quite elasticated, so they go around my pony twice which is enough to keep it in place.

Hermonie Wand Necklace

The design of the necklace really fitted well with the enchanted theme however I don't often wear necklaces.

Anya Butterfly Head Band Duo

Another disappointing item... this headband was purple and glittery.. not something I would wear at all! The butterfly unclips from the headband and can be worn separately, however the headband isn't very elasticated itself and looks and feels very cheaply made.

Merida Candy Skull Wax Melts

These two skull shaped wax melts, in pumpkin spiced latte and nectarine scents, smell divine! They look lovely as well and have some beautiful glitter on the top. They fit in well with the theme of the box and I can't wait to use them now that i've bought myself a wax burner.

Rosalie Quote Card

Like all bloggers, I do love a good quote card. This card has a lovely saying on it and would look great in a white frame. Its very 'pretty' and ties in well with the Prairie Charms watercolour design of their logo.

Solace Midi Ring

This ring is made of a small chain and a heart droplet attached to it. I wouldn't actually wear this, as again, its not my style, however its too big to be worn as a midi ring anyway.

Pandora Evil Eye Bracelet

I know Evil Eye bracelets and rings etc. are very 'in' at the moment, but i've never really been too fused about the trend.  I wouldn't wear this as a bracelet but it does fit around my ankle, so I might wear this as an anklet in the summer.

This box was so beautifully packaged and you can tell a lot of thought and care went into designing the items within the box so they fitted the theme, however I just think the quality of the products let it down. Lots of people have been raving about this box but most of the items within the box just aren't me and I personally don't think it was worth the money! I've enjoyed having the opportunity to help design the Christmas edition though so I am still very grateful for the opportunity!

Prairie Charms customer service is second to none and when they heard about my disappointment in the box I received they offered to sent me the Spring box so i'll be sure to review that once it arrives!

Did you get this box? What did you think?


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