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This is probably the post you've all been waiting for and here it is! Finally! A few Saturdays ago I was lucky enough to attend the Suffolk Blogger Event (read my post about the day here) where we received this amaaaaaaazing goody bag filled to the brim with an array of different products. There was a lovely selection of brands which contributed to the event, some of which I had previously heard of and some which were new to me, so I was very excited and grateful to have the opportunity to try some new things out.

Chill* ed repair constructing shampoo // £9.99

I haven't tried anything from this brand before so i'm very intrigued to see whether I like these products.
This shampoo is part of a 3-step reconstruction hair regime which cleanses and enriches your hair with milk protein, honey, keratin and silk amino acids. It helps to reduce a sensitive scalp and repairs damaged hair.

Chill* ed repair reconstructing conditioner // £9.99

This conditioner closes the hair cuticles which smooths and nourishes the hair leaving the hair hydrated and with a lovely shine.

Chill* ed repair reconstructor treatment // £10.99

I always enjoy using treatments on my hair and I think this will be no exception! This treatment repairs weak hair and hair that has been chemically treated within 5 minutes! The natural pH balance of the hair is restored and is left feeling smooth, hydrated and full of shine.

Viridian Ultimate Beauty Complex 30 Capsules // £9.85

These vegan and kosher capsules are enriched with a combination of vitamins, minerals and plant based phytonutrients which help support health skin, nails and hair. The active ingredients in this product are Biotin which help to keep hair and skin healthy, Iron which reduces fatigue and can also support the function of the immune system, Selenium which is an antioxidant mineral contributing to to the healthy appearance of hair and nails whilst also protecting them from oxidative stress and Vitamin C which contributes to collagen formation in the skin and can also help prevent premature signs of ageing caused by free radical induced oxidative stress. I have never tried supplements to help with the appearance of my hair, skin or nails so I'm definitely going to give these ago, especially as my skin has been problematic recently.

Viridian Ultimate Beauty Topical Organic Rose Oil // £32.00

Rejuvenating oil containing Rose, Neroli, Sea Buckthorn and Evening Primrose Oil extracts which are blended specifically for dry and dehydrated skin.

Savannah Bee Royal Jelly Body Butter // $12.90

I like using thicker, more rich body butters in the winter months as I find them more luxurious and moisturising. This body butter by Savannah Bee is made from real bees wax and combines royal jelly  with propolis which soothes dryness. The formula of this product is very thick and the smell is very sweet and honey-like! I think i'm going to really enjoy using this product!

Sunkissed Rapid Tan // £4.99

The Sunkissed tanning mouse develops in just 60 minutes, which is great if you've decided to go on an impromptu night out! This product is infused with Vitamin E and Aloe Vera to hydrate the skin.

Sunkissed Self Tan Applicator Mitt // £3.99

I always use a tanning mitt when fake tanning so i'm looking forward to trying this out with the mousse to see whether it applies streak free.

MoYou London Pro Starter Kit // £12.99

The starter kit I received from MoYou London contained a nail lacquer in the shade White Knight, stamp, scraper and a stamping nail art plate in Pro Collection XL-10. I've always loved the thought of doing nail art, but i've never had the skill or patience to do it freehand so this little kit is perfect for me! It comes with an instruction booklet on how to use the products so i'm definitely going to give this a go and i'll let you know how I get on!

Twig and Dot Sample Candle in Clean Slate // £1.00

Twig and Dot is a fantastic candle company which produce soy and mineral blend candles in a variety of different scents. Whats great about Twig and Dot is that you can order up to 4 sample candles for £1.00 each to see what scent you prefer before committing to a larger size! Large jars are priced at £16.00 and burn for 30-40 hour and the votive jars are £3.00 and burn for 5-8 hours. They've brought out a lot of christmas scents as well  so its worth having a look at their website if you're already feeling festive like me!

Lipivir // £14.99

Lipivir is a cold sore prevention cream which is formulated without cortisone, animal products or preservatives. Lipivir can be applied twice a day in order to prevent any breakouts.

Makeup Revolution Salvation Palette Unicorns Unite // £6.00

I've never tried anything from Makeup Revolution before but i've heard some great things about their products so I was delighted to see this eyeshadow palette included in the goody bag! This palette consisted of 18 highly pigmented shades-12 shimmer and 6 matte. The colours vary from browns to pinks and blues, so there's a real variety of colour in here which makes it a great diverse eyeshadow palette!

Bubble T Hibiscus & Acai Berry Tea Restoring Shampoo // £8.00+

Bubble T Cosmetics is a brand that has been inspired by the Taiwanese Bubble Tea Drink. This shampoo smells amazing- good enough to drink! This hydrating shampoo delivers nourishment to all hair types through its blend of ingredients, including antioxidants. Other fragrances include Moroccan Mint and Lemongrass and Green Tea.

I Love... Raspberry & Blackberry Bubble Bath and Shower Créme // £1.99 250ml

This bubble bath and shower creme is infused with vitamin complex to help keep skin moisturised. Raspberry and blackberry extracts give this product a lovely sweet smell and I can't wait to start using this in the shower. There are lots of other scents to choose from including Coconut & Cream, Mango & Papaya, Strawberry & Cream, Lemon & Lime, Vanilla & Ice Cream and many more!

Crabtree & Evelyn Tarocco Orange, Eucalyptus and Sage Hand Therapy 25g // £5.00

An award winning hand cream which leaves the skin feeling smooth and moisturised due to its blend of conditioning ingredients like shea butter and macadamia nut oil.

Chapstick Strawberry and Banana Smoothie // £2.99

This chapstick provides 8 hours of moisturisation, each side can be used separately for an intense fruity scent or mixed together to create a 'smoothie'. Other varieties include Lemon Berry Sorbet.

Balmi Lip Balm in Mint and Coconut // £4.99

Balmi lip balm protects your lips from environmental factors, including UVA and UVB rays because it contains SPF 15. The applicator on these lip balms are conical shaped which makes it easier to apply the product on the go! This product can be bought from Boots, Tesco and some other retailers.

Dodo-Pad 2016 // £12.99

I absolutely love stationary so I was delighted to see a yearly planner included in the goody bag! This family desk planner is from a brand called Dodo, who is celebrating 50 years, hence the jubilee edition of the Dodo-pad. This diary consists of a week per double page spread, one side of the page is for doodles and the other half is set out like a grid where you can write what your family is doing each day. This planner encourage creativity and has something new on every page! I can't wait to start using this in January!

Sass and Belle Owl Cookie Cutter // £ 1.50

This adorable cookie cutter is in the shape of an owl and includes a simple recipe to make delicious cookies.

On the go Lizi's Granola // £1.00 47g

This sachet has all you need to satisfy those hunger pangs in the morning if you've ran out of the door before being able to have breakfast. This Belgian Chocolate flavoured granola contains a handy spoon and doesn't require a bowl or milk! Simply add 3 spoonfuls of cold water to the packet, mix and enjoy! I've got into a really bad habit of forgetting to eat breakfast so this sort of thing is perfect for me!

UltraDEX Performance Oral Care Kit // £4.99

A handy selection of starter products to help get your oral hygiene up to scratch! The products contain IQ ActiveOxi Technology which is clinically proven to protect the teeth and gums, restore natural whiteness and provide 12 hours of fresh breath. The kit contains; 100ml Daily Oral Rinse and Peppermint Flavour Sachet, 12.5ml Low Abrasion Toothpaste, Antibacterial Coated Interdental Tape, Wire-Free Interdental Brushes and 9ml Fresh Breath Oral Spray. I also received the Decalcifying & Whitening Daily Oral Rinse and the Decalcifying and Whitening Toothpaste.

Mini 'Bloggers Gonna Blog' Print by YooHoo Mail // £2.50

This lovely print was given to us by the owner of YooHoo mail, which is a monthly stationary subscription box! Each box contains up to 20 items including postcards, planners, to-do sheets and birthday cards.

NSPA Warming Detox Mask // Products from £2.97

This brand is sold exclusively at ASDA and specialises in luxury bath and skincare products. I received the warming detox mask in my goody bag, which contains natural clay and ginger root extract to draw out impurities and leave the skin looking more radiant.

Timeless Truth Hydra Intense Bio Cellulose Eye Mask // $40.00 for a box of 10

This mask reduces redness and puffiness around the eye area due to ingredients like soluble collagen and hyaluronic acid.

JĀSÖN Personal Care

I received some samples of JĀSÖN products including the Pure Natural Creme, Lavender Body Wash, Sea Kelp Shampoo and Whitening ToothPaste.

I received a lovely beaded bracelet from Aftershock London, which would look fab on a special occasion. Aftershock have some lovely pieces of jewellery on their website so its definitely worth having a look at it!

These innovative treasury tags are made from polypropylene making them fully recyclable and shreddable too! They can withstand weight of up to 2.5kg making them strong and durable. 

Weleda is a world-leading manufacturer of holistic natural cosmetics and aims to help people with their personal development and achieve physical well-being. I received some samples of their products including; Wild Rose Soothing Day Cream, Almond Soothing Facial Cream, Wild Rose Soothing Night Cream, Millet Nourishing Shampoo, Pomegranate Firming Serum and Pomegranate Creamy Body Wash. 

A daily moisturiser containing organic rose which soothes irritated skin and helps to calm redness. This product is naturally high in antioxidants, which helps to reduce fine lines.

Waterwipes // £2.99

These cosmetic wipes are the world's purest facial wipes and contain only 3 ingredients; water, dead sea minerals and fruit extracts! They remove makeup really well and one wipe does my whole face! I really enjoyed using these wipes so I will definitely be purchasing some more. They are available from Ocado

This luxuriously rich body butter leaves the skin feeling supple and hydrated. The coconut scent lingers on the skin and whats best of all is that DermaV10 products can be found in Poundworld! I'd definitely purchase this product again, as it rivals some more expensive body butters.. *body shop* ahem. 

These nose strips work just as well as the more expensive Biore nose strips! If you like using the Biore strips its worth checking these out instead because you can find them in Poundland!

This product contains coenzyme Q10 and essential vitamins, which helps to nourish, moisturise, restore firmness and increase freshness. This product is available to buy from home bargains. 

 Canton Tea Co. // £20.00 for 50 individually wrapped teabags in box

I received two individually wrapped samples of Canton Tea Co. Tea in Early Grey and Organic Darjeeling and each sachet contains loose leaf tea in a convenient biodegradable tea bag. If you want to try the tea thats sold in michelin-starred restaurants then this is the tea for you!

So thats everything that was included in my goody bag! I hope you enjoyed the rather long post!



  1. Wow, that is one heck of a goody bag! That strawberry and banana smoothie chapstick made me crave for a smoothie right now.... I can only imagine how delicious it must be <3

    I really love your blog and I've nominated you for the Liebster Award. You can check out a post on this on my blog here :) xx

    1. I know it was amazing! The brands involved were so generous and Daisy did a great job organising it all. That chapstick has been saving my lips recently!
      Aww thankyou so much that means a lot! I've been so busy with university recently I haven't had the chance to blog, but knowing you like reading my posts make me more motivated to stick with it so thankyou! i'll check out your post and get cracking with mine! thanks again! xxx