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On Saturday, I had the pleasure of meeting the director of the company Ivy Joan at the Suffolk Blogger Meet. There were so many pieces showcased at the event that I 'Ooohed' and 'Aaaahed' over that I decided create a separate post entirely dedicated to their wonderful and unique homeware. I'm hoping that i'll be able to fill mine and my boyfriends new home with lots of these items, especially the christmas decorations as it will be our first christmas together in our new home and I cannot contain my excitement! Eeeeek!

1. Black Pyramid Shaped Terrarium //  £24.95

This is a beautiful little terrarium which would look fab on our new coffee table. I can just imagine a lovely little succulent or a flower similar to the one pictured inside of it. Compared to other terrariums i've seen, this one is such great value and is made from high quality glass giving it an ornate feel. This sort of item is very 'on trend' at the moment and lots of bloggers are obsessed with terrariums, so I feel like I should jump on the band wagon and obsess over them too, because just look at it!?

2. Alphabet Bags Pull Yourself Together Wash Bag // £24.00

I saw this item at the event and what I liked most about it was the size! It's a great size for housing all of my completely necessary *ahem* toiletries and would look so stylish whilst doing so. The quote is printed on a heavy canvas material and the inside is wipeable, so you can easily keep it clean.

3. Unicorn Jewellery Dish // £9.95

Unicorns are my favourite mythical creatures, if only they were real 'ey!? I've recently been getting into wearing rings more often so this would be a great little dish to house them in. I've seen something similar to this in Urban Outfitters so I think this is a steal at just £9.95!

4. Russian Doll Salt & Pepper Shakers // £5.95

I think these Russian Doll Salt and Pepper shakers are the cutest things ever! They are painted beautifully and would look great on any dining table. I've already got someone in mind who will be receiving these this Christmas, so I best keep quiet about this one, shhhhh.

5. Fun Pencils // £0.99 Each

These brightly coloured pencils really caught my eye on the website because they are so unique! They each have a lovely little saying on them and are just 99p! My favourite ones say 'Stay Classy' and 'Look Busy', which I think literally sums up my life!

6. Father Christmas Babushka Doll Set // £18.00

These Father Christmas Russian Dolls were my favourite item at the event and I felt some serious regret when I didn't pick them up! There's something so charming about seeing 4 individually handcrafted Santa Clauses, each holding different Christmas themed items. I think these would look great sitting on top of our mantlepiece, so I will definitely be picking these up when it gets nearer to Christmas!

7. Mango Wood Reindeer Christmas Hanging Decoration // £3.50

This hand painted Reindeer decoration looks so natural and well crafted. I think this would look great hanging off a Christmas Tree branch or simply hooked over a door handle.

8. Copper Stag Head Hanging Decoration // £2.95

Copper homeware is very 'on trend' at the moment, so why not update your Christmas tree with this fabulous Copper Stag Head! It looks very modern and is so unique, I just can't resist piecing this one up either.

9. Ceramic Personalised Name Baubles // £6.00-£15.00

These ceramic baubles can be personalised with any name, date or lyric and are handmade in the Ivy Joan Studio in Suffolk! If you know me at all, you'll already know that I love anything with my initial/name on it, so these will definitely be making their way onto my Christmas Tree this year!

10. Multi-Colour Sparkle Bead Colour Pop Bauble // £4.50

I think this is one of the most fun and sparkly items i've chosen from Ivy Joan. This bauble is made out of glass with metallic pink, green, blue and gold beads inside. Its seriously one of the prettiest baubles I've seen, so make sure you check this one out if you love anything girly and glittery like me!

So there we have it, I think i'll be having a very 'Ivy Joan' themed christmas this year! What do you think of my top 10 items?



  1. I got a terrarium for Christmas and can't wait to fill it with some cute little cacti!

    Anna x http://www.collectionsofimperfections.com/

    1. Ooh that sounds fab! I wish i'd have gotten one :( where are you getting the cacti from? xxx