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I received this brush set for my Birthday in May and since then i've found myself reaching for these brushes instead of my Real techniques ones, which is saying something! I've never really steered away from Real Techniques brushes because they were great quality and relatively inexpensive.. until I found this set!

This brush set cost £7.99 in total, which is like the cost of just one of the Real techniques brushes! They are made from natural bamboo and handcrafted so the quality is great. I'm assuming the bristles are synthetic because of the price but it doesn't actually say on the Groupon website. The bristles themselves are so soft it makes for perfect makeup application.
There's 10 brushes in total, 5 for face and 5 for eyes.
Keep reading below to find out what I use each brush for!

1) Foundation Brush

This foundation brush is perfect for applying liquid foundation. It's tapered at the end, like a normal foundation brush and is quite dense, which allows the foundation to be evenly blended into the skin.I don't usually use foundation brushes like this anymore (I prefer buffing brushes) but I have a feeling this brush could also be used to pack powder onto the face for the baking technique (something I really want to try!).

2) Contour/ Blush brush

I use this brush mainly for contouring because I find it fits well in the hollows of my cheek bones. The brush is dense which allows me to get a good contour line and then I use a kabuki brush to blend it out. I usually use the Hoola Bronzer by Benefit as my contour powder and the colour is really pigmented when using this brush, unlike when I use a normal bronzing brush. I suppose you could also use this brush as a blush brush- but maybe not if you have a heavy hand because it might apply too much product and you might end up looking like a clown!

3) Concealer Brush

I use this brush as an under-eye concealer brush. It blends in concealer seamlessly and because of the slightly domed end its easy to fit into the corners of the eye.

4) Flat Buffing Brush

This brush is what I usually use to apply my liquid foundation. It really buffs the foundation into the skin giving it an airbrushed appearance and has a large surface area giving fast results. The bristles are very dense on this brush which is what makes it similar to the Real Techniques Buffing Brush.

5) Mini Kabuki Brush

This brush is great for blending out contour. The bristles aren't as dense as the flat topped buffing brush so there is more flexibility allowing for easy blending.

6) Eyeliner smudging Brush

This brush is so dense that it smudges eyeliner or eyeshadow perfectly creating a lovely smokey eye look!

7) Flat Eyeshadow Brush

I use this brush to pack matte shades of eyeshadow onto my eyelid.

8) Blending Brush

This brush is similar to the Mac 217 blending brush. It can be used to blend the eyeshadow together to eliminate any harsh lines.

9) Crease Brush

This brush is angled to make it the perfect shape for applying eyeshadow to the crease. The bristles aren't too tightly packed together so just the right amount of product is applied.

10) Small Angled Brush

I've found that this is a multipurpose brush which can be used for applying eyeliner or a dark eyeshadow colour along the lash line or it can be used to apply eyebrow wax and shadow, like the Benefit Brow Zings kit.

Unfortunately this brush set is no longer available on the Groupon website (Cry!) but I have found the exact set (I think!) on Amazon.

What are your favourite makeup brushes to use?


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