Disappointing Products | #1

This is going to be the first post in my disappointing products series, in which I talk about products I regret buying and ultimately don't think are worth the money.

1) Herbal Essences Dry Shampoo (£2.99)

I bought this product a few weeks ago instead of buying my usual Batiste Dry Shampoo and I vow to never buy it again. Initially I liked the smell of the product and thought it was great.. until I looked into the mirror and was horrified to find myself looking somewhat like Olaf out of Frozen. My hair had turned completely white and I also found it difficult to get my brush through my roots because my hair had set in place, like when using a heavy duty hairspray! The texture of my hair after using this dry shampoo was very straw-like and felt so clogged up with product that In the end I had to wash my hair again. This product is marketed as an 'uplifting' dry shampoo, which could explain the texture I felt after using it- nonetheless this product doesn't work as a dry shampoo in my opinion and I won't be repurchasing!

2) Dior Diorskin Star Foundation (£32.50)

Now, this might be a surprise to many of you because this foundation is a bloggers' favourite and has been raved about on youtube for a long time! I love trying out different foundations and I'm a big believer in spending a bit more money on your base makeup, so I thought I would give this foundation a try. I have previously used the Diorskin Forever Foundation and I really enjoyed using it so when that ran out of that one I purchased the Diorskin Star. The coverage of the Star foundation is advertised as medium but i'd say it was very light coverage and I needed to use a lot more product in order to give me the same coverage as the Forever foundation. This foundation is very brightening- for me it was too dewy and I felt like a lightbulb whilst wearing it! If I didn't use a primer underneath the foundation would seep into the pores on my cheeks and separate on my face. I also felt like none of my powder products applied very well on top of the foundation, therefore very disappointing in my eyes. Next time i'm going to stick with Diorskin Forever!

3)Smashbox Photo Op Eye Brightening Mascara ($21.00)

This product claims to have blue prism technology which helps to brighten the appearance of your eyes because it contains micas, blue pigment and titanium. You could slightly see a blue tinge to the mascara but nothing noticeable and it definitely didn't make the whites of my eyes appear brighter. However, the fact that this mascara doesn't brighten my eyes wasn't the main issue, the main issue I had with this product was the brush. The brush failed to grip my lashes and seemed to just glide over the top giving me a very minimal mascara look. The product didn't lengthen or curl my lashes, therefore a disappointing product. I'll stick to my Benefit Rollerlash in future!

Have you tried any of the products mentioned?



  1. It's always a shame when products don't perform.
    I haven't actually tried any of those products.

    1. I know! especially if they are expensive! I found them disappointing, but then again I might just be too fussy! haha xx