Deep Sleep Pillow Spray | Limited Edition.

The thisworks Deep Sleep Pillow Spray has become one of those products I can't seem to live without and after finishing another bottle of the original 75ml Deep Sleep Pillow Spray I knew I needed to repurchase it. When I was on their website, I discovered a giant bottle of the stuff in limited edition floral packaging. Now, at £30 a pop it is definitely an 'investment' product.

The limited edition camomile print packaging was designed by Alexandra Palmowski M.A., who was the winner of a student project at the Royal College of Art, London. The new packaging is perfect for the Summer months and looks great standing on my bed side table. This bottle is 3x larger than the original bottle I was buying and I've estimated that It should last me over a year.

I think its safe to say that this product really does work for me and enables me to have a peaceful nights sleep. I wake feeling more energised and it's now something I use every night. I have also tried the Deep Sleep Stress Less 10ml rollable, however I don't think this works as well as the spray because the scent wears off quite quickly. The essential oils of Lavender, Patchouli and Camomile used in this product create a perfect calming scent which allow me to drift off into a deep sleep.

Have you tried the thisworks Deep Sleep Pillow Spray yet?



  1. Need it, need it, wish for it: It doesn't generally make a difference, since you basically should mistake and utilize fragrance based treatment pillow spray. Consider it a command, a basic not exactly deserving of dropping everything, running home from the workplace and managing it; yet just about. Certainly the principal thing you need to fulfill when you return home.

  2. This is a lovely product and smells heavenly, but it is very expensive. Much more 'natural' smell than others I've tried. Lasts a long time (several months) and does seem to help sleep, but that may be an illusion!